Who Are Your Customers?

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If you are not serving the customer, you should be serving someone who is. Harmonious relationships with customers and colleagues are essential to service success, because providing outstanding customer service is primarily a team effort. For excellent customer service to exist, it has to be practiced on an internal basis. The What and the How The “What” is the material and the “How” is the personal element. To be outstanding, organizations must deliver excellence in both material and personal service. Customer service is no longer just a question of interpersonal skills. The difference between you and your competitors is achieved when expectations are exceeded. Doing the unexpected, going the extra mile, moves us from meeting expectations to exceeding expectations. How to Delight Customers • Be enthusiastic – Enthusiasm is the driving force of quality service. Customers do not just want products – they want products + enthusiasm. • Be professional – The word ‘professional’ does not go with the job, it goes with the person. Be the Best • Someone, somewhere has to be the best at this job – why not me? • Decide to be outstanding How to Be the Best • Use positive self talk – e.g. tell yourself ‘Everyday, in every way, I get better and better’ • Don’t be ordinary • Develop a ‘How can I do it better?’ mind set Today Everyone Sells: In a successful company, the number of sales people equals the number of employees. • Everyone sells something – either products, services, or the image of the company. And Finally – How To Help Yourself Sell Pay attention – give people the benefit of your attention, because customers like to give their business to those who show they really want it!


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