Unknown Facts of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is one of the most admired technologies used on a regular basis. With cloud computing, organizations can store data and access the applications through web based browser. The technology helps organizations gain mobility, increase accessibility and decrease costs. Companies have a choice to invest either in a public cloud or a private cloud. Any company can join by subscribing to a public cloud. On the other hand private cloud utilizes firewalls and includes corporate offices, business partners, distributors and resellers. It operates on a closed internet network. Following are a few things which we didn’t know about cloud computing.

1.      Lotus live and Google Docs are cloud based programs-:

Many people use Lotus live and Google Docs without recognizing that these programs are based on cloud computing. Cloud Computing  assists to work with other people in multiple locations. These people can access the same information in real time. It makes file sharing easier with its collaboration tools. Process is very easy because problems can be tackled instantly. Sales people are updated on the targets and products.

2.      Email is cloud based application-:

Email applications such as Gmail and Yahoo mail are cloud based programs. You can access your email from any computer as email applications are hosted in the cloud.

3.      Cloud computing is an emerging technology-:

With cloud computing business has become more responsive, live and affordable. Going forward the expected growth of cloud is 150.1 billion. Expectations are that many of the businesses will not have any IT asset in the years to come.

4.      Economical view of cloud computing-:

Many new or small businesses cannot afford server technology. With cloud computing server fees is not required. The subscribing fess is minimal comparatively. Hiring the dedicated IT professionals will be expensive. Moreover companies have to spend good amount on security breaches in case of server technology.

5.      Hybrid cloud-:

Apart from the public and private cloud, another kind of cloud is hybrid cloud. This provides the mixture of public and private cloud. For example a company can store employee records in the private cloud and sales target in the public cloud. This way the company has the flexibility to share information. Few organizations are hesitating in using cloud due to security concerns. But hybrid cloud is one of the examples to solve the issue.

6.      Variety of applications-:

It has three different models. The basic service is IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) which consists of virtual machines that store files, run firewalls and assign IP addresses etc. Another service is the PaaS (Platform as a service) which provides an operating system and its development tools, programming language and database storage. The third service is SaaS (Software as a service) where the responsibility of the provider is installation and operation of the software. In this a user can run any computer connected to cloud. It is responsible for email, games and for creating virtual desktops.

Hope this information helps to make a better decision about Cloud Computing.





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