A Review of AffinityLive – Combining CRM + Projects + Tickets + Time Billing in One Platform

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A Review of AffinityLive CRM

Today we did a review of AffinityLive CRM. A Cloud CRM application that has capability to manage clients, tasks, projects, time, and workflow more effectively. The communication between company, customers, and suppliers is streamlined. It takes a lot to deliver solid apps to a diverse global market but AffinityLive has managed to do just that. Users say it has delivered more than it promised. They really are ahead of the competition when it comes to their quick response time and support.

AffinityLive is an all-in-one CRM, contact management, project management, accounting, time billing, and client support solution all rolled into one. AffinityLive Sync will organize your emails, contacts, and attachments automatically. All of your data is stored is centrally located in a data center, where it will be backed up regularly. SSL encryption is used at all of the access points along with multi-tier secure architecture, which means your data is protected.

It ingrates nicely with Google Apps, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365. And at under $30 a month, its great value for the money. Features of AffinityLive are many including:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Time tracking
  • Billing
  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Issue Tracking
  • Contracts
  • Microsoft integration
  • Shared calendar
  • Scheduling


A Review of AffinityLive CRM


This is only a short list of what you can expect. AffinityLive is a fully integrated CRM + Project Management + Billing software that users fine easy to learn and use. In no time at all, users can smoothly transition from potential sales through to invoicing, customer service, and follow up, along with everything in between. The purpose of AffinityLive is to streamline workflow and save money. It does this very well. Work is managed effectively with a minimal learning curve for users.

There is no more need to juggle projects in Excel, because AffinityLive will automatically update your schedules whenever your deadlines change. If you find changes in your estimate timeframe, that’s no problem either – AffinityLive can automatically adjust those as well.

The email capture is a function that many users are extremely happy with. There is no longer a need to dig through endless emails partially sorted in your email program. AffinityLive will capture your client emails and store them in a central location where anyone using the system can easily find them.

No two projects or clients are the same, and AffinityLive allows you to treat each client individually thanks to its flexibility. With AffinityLive, you can remove the chaos from your workforce and integrate this powerful, easy to use application in no time at all.


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