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The word “free” has such a sweet ring to it and it gets sweeter when the there are no catches to the deal. I mean, like really free as in free CRM in the cloud that you can use to offer more value to your customers and increase business.

Yup, web-based CRM that comes free is loaded with enough functionality to keep a small business owner happy and it delivers enough performance in terms of providing usable data. The data, of course, has to be converted into meaningful information that can be used.

There is no dearth of free CRM software out there; however, all come with their own limitations. These, as you can surmise, are to be surmounted by using the paid version which as we shall see is not expensive at all. Ideally, if you choose to go for the paid versions you should opt for the pay-as-you-go versions instead of getting contracted to one cloud CRM provider.

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A free CRM system has all the bells and whistles, with the caveat of certain limitations. But that is understood. Invariably, the limitation is in terms of the number of users allowed, storage, contacts, and the depth of tracking possible.

  • Capsule CRM – It integrates easily with Google apps. It’s free edition supports two users; has 10MB storage; and allows you to manage 250 contacts. The jump to the professional version begins at $12/month per user. But the leap in facilities is huge, for examples you get 50,000 contacts per user and integration with many third-party software such as MailChimp. Task management, sales pipeline management, and contact management, whatever it may be…this one has it.
  • Really Simple Systems – Already a name to reckon with; the free version offers an impressive number of features that should be more than sufficient to run a small business. You can also download your backups regularly; the software integrates nicely with KashFlow accounting system. Access your business from your smartphone, this works for you even on the move. Two users, unlimited contacts, and a 100 accounts, i.e. you can manage up to 100 businesses you deal with for free. Paid editions begin at $15/month per user for up to 5 users.
  • PMAM CRM – This CRM company is the kind of gold or paydirt that you hit when you keep searching. Proof that there is a lot more to cloud CRM beyond SugarCRM. This suite offers you sales operation management, customer service, dashboard and reports, the all-important social CRM, case management, and a lot more.

It is worth mentioning that a visit to sites like Sourceforge will throw up many niche CRM applications built for particular business; such as cloud CRM for law firms, web-based CRM for non-profits; CRM for real estate management, etc. If you’re looking for free CRM in the cloud, check out the ones mentioned here. You will surely get something that will be a good fit for your business.


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