6 Great Examples of Customer Service

This isn’t just examples of customer service; this is great examples of customer service techniques you can use to decrease costs, and better satisfy your customers.

Believe it or not, a business actually has many different examples to choose from when it comes to implementing a customer service process (also known as a customer relationship management process).  The technique you choose should be dependent on who your target market is, the product/service you’re offering, and mostly just…how your customers like to be handled.

Some examples of customer service techniques are more costly than others, some examples offer customer service online.  Some even trick customers into offering customer service for each other (Imagine the profit margin for that business…)

Let’s explore 6 great examples of customer service techniques:

Example #1: Personal Assistance

Cost: Medium

Personal assistance in the CRM process may be best for customers needing (or prefer) human interaction during the sales process.  A good example of this type of customer relationship management being used in call centers.

Example #2: Dedicated Personal Assistance

Cost: High

This one is a more “hands-on” type of personal assistance.  Usually, it’s one person that works directly with, or represents, a customer.  An example of this type of customer relationship management is real estate agents.

Example #3: Self-Service

Cost: Low

In this type of customer relationship management, the customer just helps themselves.  An example of this may be a self service gas station.

Example #4: Automated Customer Service

Cost: Medium (due to the cost of automating & maintaining)

A good example of this type of customer relationship management techniques would be technology.  An automated customer service, such as technology, identifies and maintains customer preferences.  One of the best examples of customer service being automated is Amazon.com.  It automatically recommends books based on your search and past purchases.

Example #5: Online Customer Service Communities

Cost: Low (perhaps one of the most cost effective customer service strategies)

An online CRM community can be a good type of customer relationship management that takes a load off the business.  In many customer service communities, members (such as other customers) will help each other solve problems.  Costs are low with this type of customer relationship management.  There are tons of great CRM tools that come at a great price, to help create this kind of community.

Example #6: Co-Creation

Cost: Low

Co-creation is another great example of the different types of customer service available to you.  With this type, customers co-create value for other customers by leaving reviews for example.  This helps prevent a lot of customer service satisfaction issues up front, and can save a business a lot of money in the long run.

If you’ve got any of your own strategies, or know of any great customer service examples, we would love for you to leave them below in the comments!


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